The most healthy and tasty northern harvest in our new menu called 'arctic taste'

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Feel free to try our new menu inspired by the arctic's spirit and culture

Making delicious arctic food since 2012

The Arctic is a harsh land of pure snow and cold sea. The virtue of self-honesty and honesty to the people around is valued here above all.

That's why we take only the freshest seafood and get it cooked correctly and soulfully, preserving all the useful properties, and revealing the rich flavor of each dish.

Try the Barents Sea's real delicacies! We cook them especially for you.


Opens 8:00 AM — 10:00 PM, every day of the week

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  • Gourmet Scallop

    Being a gourmet item, this delicate fillet melts in one's mouth - a real treasure trove of taste and useful highly-digestible protein, and minerals as well: iodine, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, manganese, and cobalt. Did you know that it improves virility among other things?

  • Red King Crab

    An amazing delicacy, light and bellyful. The Barents Sea is the habitat of red king crab. It's rightfully considered the most delicious thing. This crab almost entirely consists of a healthy protein, gives energy, and improves virility. Try the north polar region's best crabs.

  • Atlantic Salmon of the Northern Seas

    Atlantic salmon is called 'The Northern King of Salmons'. There's no way one will mistake it for some other fish considering its pleasant aroma and delicate taste. Won't you have a taste of this nature's gift?

  • Delicious Atlantic Cod

    Caught in pollutant-free northern waters, it was frozen only once - right on board of a fishing ship in the Barents Sea. And now our cooks will cook it especially for you.

  • Northern Prawn

    The Barents Sea's most sought-after gift is now on your table. A generous source of protein, as well as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and iodine. It improves skin, nails, and hair health, strengthens joints and bones, as well as normalizes blood pressure. This subtle delicacy is worthy of a refined meal.

  • Laminaria

    Being a treasure trove of nutrients and a natural energy source, it has already become iconic in the Northern region. It is rich in iodine and vitamin B12, whole containing only 5 calories per 100 gr. This slenderness queen is ready to take a worthy place on your table.

  • Venison

    Northern deer lives in pollutant-free tundra. Venison does not contain antibiotics, hormones and other substances being harmful to the human body. Venison can improve immune resistance, while containing minimum cholesterol. Its proteins are 100% digestible by a human body. Treat yourself with appetizing benefits.

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